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Da Vittorio

Brusaporto, 30-45€
06/04/2024: super...super welcome, friendliness, cuisine and pastries
31/03/2024: Wonderful location, refined and very well looked after, both outside and inside. At Vittorio you are pampered from start to finish, refined, very elegant dishes. Impeccable service, the wine list (even if calling it that is an understatement, as it is a "wine book"), of the highest quality. Prices in line with the refinement of the menu and the raw materials used. Worth trying, obviously the paccheri, a must in the restaurant. The American Bar is very beautiful, the cellar is amazing. A beautiful experience.


Restaurant La Peca

Lonigo, 45-60€
24/03/2024: Culinary cuisine at the highest level great wine selection professional and warm service and all of this for years 3 stars are overdue!!
13/03/2024: Il miglior ristorante in Veneto e non solo. Consigliato da un ristoratore siamo stati in questo ristorante nel mese di gennaio.. Claudio aveva ragione…. Cucina al top e una menzione speciale per il sommelier.. Bravi,Bravi….


Piazza Duomo

Alba, 45-60€
19/03/2024: 9/27/2022 Just two words: Unique Experience.
16/03/2024: Unique experience, it's difficult to explain, the dishes are presented with skill, bright colors that arouse the appetite, distinct, clean and delicate flavours, very kind staff including the chef, they make you feel immediately at ease. Amazing cellar, the sommelier, a young guy, is very knowledgeable and made me try some small ones, the real ones from the area.


Torre del Saracino

Vico equense, 30-45€
06/04/2024: Great dining experience with perfect service in a fantastic setting. The restaurant is located in a characteristic location. The service is attentive and competent. The tasting menu was a fabulous experience (We thank the chef who "gave" us a couple of dishes). The delicious desserts.
01/04/2024: It's not the first starred restaurant I've frequented, I have to say that this one surpasses all the others. It is impossible to describe all the sensorial emotions felt in each dish. Great Esposito, congratulations. March 2024 confirms the quality, taste, refinement and originality of the dishes. Too bad you're far away.


La Pergola

Roma, 30-45€
12/03/2024: In the top! Refined, hearty cuisine, a treat! Dynamic, friendly and professional service.
04/03/2024: There are no words to express what your taste buds will say.


Dal Pescatore

30/03/2024: A warm climate, the heart of tradition dedicated to the highest cuisine. It warms Italian hearts which we also find in the environment; in the romantic and well-kept garden it is satisfying to look at it.
02/03/2024: Perfection From the welcome to the final greetings... everything lived up to expectations... or maybe more! Extremely qualified staff very attentive to satisfying every need...very kind owners Food: beyond all expectations! Absolutely the best restaurant I've ever tried!!!


Ristorante La Trota

Rivodutri, 20-30€
02/04/2024: Great experience... it's the third time I've gone... tried their land menu: highly recommended. Paring with wine is never taken for granted. Big
11/01/2024: Abbiamo iniziato al meglio il 2024 tornando in questo posto sublime, gioia degli occhi e del palato , con piatti vere opere d'arte. Tutto impeccabile incluso l'ambiente, l'accoglienza, il servizio. Gentilissimi i proprietari che con la loro attività danno lustro alla città di Rieti.


Casa Perbellini

Verona, 45-60€
24/03/2024: Chef's table experience. Magnificent, perfect dishes presented by chef Perbellini, who proved to be an affable and pleasant person. Highly recommended
27/02/2024: I'll start by saying that I had no doubts about the food and the service, let's say that in certain restaurants you're on the safe side. What surprised me the most and what made this experience literally stellar was the chef, but not as a chef, that is "obvious", but as a person. A welcoming and kind host welcomes you at the entrance, shows you his structure, tells you about it, gives it life, lets you sit in his kitchen, cooks for you, serves your meal, entertains you and makes you feel completely at ease, and also say goodbye when unfortunately the time comes to go home. His passion and that of all the staff make you say without a doubt that everything is worth it. The chef's table is an experience that I recommend for its uniqueness. The dishes masterfully prepared, served and described. The professional, but also fun, staff really know what they're doing. The location, unique, refined and elegant but sober and not sumptuous. Truly congratulations to everyone, you were fantastic.


A Cuncuma Restaurant

01/04/2024: I’m always trying to be balanced on my ratings and when I use the 5 stars it means that it cannot be better from my standpoint….. and this one cannot be better from mine or ANY STANDPOINT!!! MICHELIN GUIDE, where on god’s green earth are you???!?!? Let me just say that from the appetizers to the bread, dishes, and desserts it was a joy for the palate and ALL WAS DONE IN-HOUSE…. And ALL WAS DONE BY THE CHEF ALONE!!!!!! And ALL WAS CLOSE TO 1 star Michelin so I’m asking again, where are you Michelin when such genius of a chef exists!!!! I’ve never seen anything remotely like that in my life…. How can one be a chef, a baker and a pastry chef at the same time and be at least excellent on each count?! That was honestly mind boggling and if you ever step foot in Palermo and proud yourself as having a palate, then you HAVE to go there!!!! Starting with you Michelin inspectors!!!!!!
28/03/2024: We had a great evening at A‘Cuncuma. The tasting menu was easily adapted to allergy needs and an exiting experience. Very friendly service by the sommelier. She proposed a very affordable but very well fitting wine to accompany the menu. The chef, who came to the table, did a great job. We will be back when coming to Palermo.


San Domenico

Imola, 30-45€
28/03/2024: The Italian kitchen. Past, present and future of Italian catering. A real journey into the past and into the most authentic and profound memories. The egg ravioli is metaphysical, the roast risotto excellent. A cuisine anchored in the past that does not waver. No flights of fancy, but a lot of knowledge and classicism. Princely service, cellar and sommeliers make the experience a beautiful memory.
03/03/2024: Two stars and it deserves them all. The only one in the province of Bologna. Tradition brought towards "haute cuisine" with iconic dishes such as ravioli with truffle and porcini mushrooms. Each course is a journey that starts from Romagna and lands around the world. The rooms are furnished with great taste. Impeccable service


Ristorante Sadler

Milano, 30-45€
17/03/2024: Magnificent, very contemporary restaurant, 5-star service. the impeccable sommelier with a very good knowledge of the history of wines. Well done, have a great evening.
17/03/2024: Sono stata in questo ristorante nella nuova sede di via dell'Annunciata (zona porta nuova). Abbiamo scelto il menù fisso del pranzo della domenica (65 €). Il menù consisteva in: -antipasto BIGNE' DI CARCIOFO FARCITO con MOZZARELLA E PESTO DI BASILICO (molto buono, ma abbiamo sentito poco il sapore del pesto); - primo TAGLIATELLE DI PASTA FRESCA con ragù d'astice, melanzane e olive nere (superlativo); -S. PIETRO ALLA PIZZAIOLA CON FRIARIELLI E PURE' DI FAVETTE (oltre le aspettilative). Infine come dolce: crostatina di FRAGOLE GRATINATA CON ZABAIONE AL MOSCATO. Tutto squisito! Senza chiederlo ci hanno riservato una saletta privata, circondati da tantissime bottiglie di vino esposte. Servizio molto attento!


Le Calandre

Rubano, 45-60€
18/03/2024: In my opinion the best in the Padua area. Recommended for refined palates... 3 Michelin star prices not within everyone's reach... after all, you pay for quality.
16/03/2024: The wonder. Impeccable service, they never fail to make you feel at home. Spectacular food.


Ristorante Hotel Villa Crespi

Orta san giulio
05/04/2024: One of a kind location. Canna is better if it goes on TV than in the kitchen. The pleasure of the senses is something else entirely.
04/04/2024: Nice experience but absent chef, good but not exceptional dishes, high prices as they should be in a three star hotel, not three star service, very good and knowledgeable sommelier. Questionable price/quality I wouldn't go back


Il Melograno

07/03/2024: I really liked the dishes I ordered, apart from the starter which I had some doubts about (personal tastes). The waiters are polite, friendly and smiling. The environment tends towards formal; Not my type, but it's nice and I always enjoy going back
03/03/2024: Everything was very perfect, we ate very well and Matteo is very good and attentive to all the details. I highly recommend


Lux - Dreams, Food & Beer

Aversa, <20€
01/04/2024: A scary place, the food is amazing and the staff are fantastic. I highly recommend eating in this place if you want to enter a tunnel of flavors from which you will never recover.
01/04/2024: Stunning place, fantastic food and a lot of passion and helpfulness from the owners and workers

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