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A Cuncuma Restaurant

03/07/2024: I usually like to order the tasting menu course. The waitress, a short woman with glasses, told my male friend that it was too much I can’t eat all .. and that we should not order it, and ordered just lamb chops. The waitress acted like she was doing the right thing and acting like a professional, but everything was so deep that it was a terrible dinner. The food was very nice and delicious, even the first small portion, but her behavior ruined it all. What a shame.
03/07/2024: I visited your restaurant the other day. The food was amazing and delicious. I actually wanted to order the 8-course tasting menu, but the short waiter with glasses said the portions were too big, so I thought I wouldn't be able to finish it, so I recommended the a la carte to my companion, and we just ordered the lamb chops. I like small portions and a variety of foods, so I went to your restaurant. She was very confident and professional, but very mechanical and terrible. I think it's important to listen to our opinions instead of forcing yours on others, and the atmosphere at our dinner was terrible.


La Madia

Licata, 20-30€
30/05/2024: This is not intended to be a review but rather a thank you to Chef Cuttaia and his staff, in particular Maitre Angelo, who offered us a very attentive and friendly service. It's the first restaurant where I didn't tell the Chef that I was a colleague because it would have been like going to watch a Champion's League final sitting on the sidelines and telling Cristiano Ronaldo that I'm a footballer too. We are talking about a workshop where a true artist, a genius, works. It was without a doubt the highest level dining experience I have ever had. Chef, eating in her restaurant, and being able to meet her in person was an absolute privilege. As I already told you at the time of the bill, THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!
27/05/2024: Returning to La Madia is always an emotion!!! Chef Cuttaia's cuisine always excites for its character linked to the territory and the excellent raw materials, from the first to the last bite you perceive the authenticity of Sicily!!!…


Quattroventi Comfort Food

06/07/2024: Perfect fusion of innovation and tradition. Sublime
06/07/2024: Una cena perfetta, dalla scelta delle materie prime alla loro preparazione. La spiegazione dei singoli piatti, in maniera chiara e non leziosa, la gentilezza, e l'atmosfera fanno il resto. Rapporto qualita' prezzo eccellente


Eolo Ristorante

San donato milanese
24/06/2024: We would never have thought that in a hidden corner of San Donato there would be a restaurant gem! Eolo is a Sicilian Mediterranean fish restaurant (Eolian precisely from the name). The location is tailor-made and welcoming with attention to detail. The owners are two exquisite people: Manuela welcomes you and pampers you with her continuous and courteous, but never invasive, attention. Her husband, on the other hand, takes care of the cooking, where he creates dishes that are an explosion of flavors and sensations! We were there for both lunch and dinner and we will certainly return, because both meals were a very pleasant sensory experience.
30/05/2024: Always excellent sensorial experience, the dishes are really good. The cuisine is characterized by simple combinations, never predictable and above all never wrong. The quality of the fish is always excellent. Small environment, few tables, ensure that the family management gives its best. What can I say, a highly recommended place!!



12/07/2024: Ogni anno torniamo a Favignana e non vediamo l'ora di assaggiare la loro cucina davvero eccezionale a prezzi più che onesti. Persone molto carine e cordiali,cibo da leccarsi i baffi. Bravissimi continuate sempre così !!
11/07/2024: Street food di qualità, tutto espresso, cucina a vista, esperienza 🔝🔝🔝. Bottega piena, velocità, efficienza e precisione. Massima disponibilità del personale, alta qualità degli ingredienti, lavorazioni di livello


Accursio Ristorante

Modica, 20-30€
13/06/2024: A wonderful surprise in the center of Noto. Small welcoming place with minimal retro furnishings. Professional, quick and courteous service. Traditional dishes slightly revisited in a modern key. The wine list is excellent and very extensive. The dishes on the menu are well prepared and presented. Excellent seasonal ingredients, often zero km, with clear and clearly perceived flavours. Medium-high prices.
16/04/2024: Bellissimo locale degno della fama, ottimo percorso, unica pecca e’ l’illustrazione ’ del menù in contrasto con la semplicità della realizzazione. Grande disponibilità. Ottima esperienza. Se posso dare un consiglio non chiuderei con le palline di cioccolata che rompono la piacevolezze della cena. Sono buonissimi ma mal si sposano con il resto, a mio gusto. UN’esperienza da vivere



19/06/2024: Simply amazing raw fish, perfect service, very friendly and nice owner, reasonable prices.
18/06/2024: Amazing fresh fish! Super portions and top quality!


Ristorante Sapori Perduti

11/07/2024: Tradition but with an edge. Freshness of the products, balance of flavors, a cuisine that knows how to amaze with familiar things. Simplicity and research. Not easy. Well done! Spectacular pasta with sardines. Unique swordfish. Superlative ice cream. Refined, fresh, sunny, refined environment
05/07/2024: Polite staff with extremely delicious food!


Antica Filanda

Capri leone, 20-30€
01/06/2024: Restaurant was superb. Antipasti was perfect from the flavour profile to the portions. And the dolce...omg. just make your way there and enjoy a long leisurely lunch.
31/05/2024: Definitely a reference restaurant in the Tyrrhenian area of ​​Messina, excellent cuisine, excellent cellar and excellent location. Must try without a doubt!


Al Garamond

13/06/2024: We had a delicious, gourmet Italian dinner comprised of products representing a combination of regions. The cooking was excellent, creative and beautifully presented. Everything was uniquely flavored, fresh and not heavy. Service was terrific. Lovely setting.
13/06/2024: The location didn't excite me, but the quality of the food and the service were absolutely exceptional and of a high standard!! Advise . We will definitely be back


Al Vicoletto

10/07/2024: Hidden away down an unassuming alleyway, the food on offer from a regularly changing small menu is just superb. The staff are attentive and knowledgeable, recommending a wine pairing for each course. There are some very good restaurants in Trapani but this is the absolute standout.
09/07/2024: Arriviamo in questo ristorante una sera e subito ci accolgono i camerieri con il calore tipico della sicilia. Ci sediamo e scegliamo tre antipasti dato l varietà di scelta e due primi. Ogni piatto era una bomba di gusto. Un crescendo di sapori. I camerieri sono incredibilmente cortesi. Che dire se vi trovate a trapani è d’obbligo passere di là.



Catania, 45-60€
01/06/2024: Siamo tornati dopo 3 anni in questo ristorante, come sempre una garanzia! Qualità del cibo ottima e personale gentile.
31/05/2024: Grazioso ristorante in centro. Purtroppo è collocato in una via con molto traffico, non sapendo abbiamo prenotato un tavolo sul marciapiede esterno, una debacle. Abbiamo preso un fritto misto per iniziare, squisito, poi paccheri con pesto di pistacchi e burrata , buonissimi , ravioli di melanzane con pomodorini., ottimi. Per finire con costine di maiale e patate. Patate bollenti e costine fredde, però gustose. Servizio molto confusionario. Conto perfetto


Gli Archi di San Carlo

26/05/2024: Welcoming place and staff, excellent food and price in line with the quality and quantity of food!! Advised
22/05/2024: Incredible experience from A to Z. Top notch products and true expertise.


La Macina

San marco d'alunzio
23/06/2024: Excellent appetizers, great satisfaction! The staff and manager were kind and very friendly.
22/06/2024: I had the pleasure of having lunch at La Macina, a beautiful family-run restaurant located in the historic center of San Marco D'Alunzio (ME). It is a beautiful rustic country style restaurant tastefully decorated! Congratulations to the owners Mr. Giuseppe and Mrs. Rita, they are welcoming, affable and kind, I was pleased to have spoken to them, I felt at ease, as if I were at home! Congratulations also to chef Fabrizio. I was advised to choose the starter which was abundant, rich, tasty and assorted with many local delicacies. I tasted the divinely good black rice, the rice with vegetables, the mozzarella and tasty vegetable meatballs, the delicious primo sale pecorino cheese with sauce, the aubergine caponatina, very good sauce and vegetables, the delicious artichoke and aubergine pie on cream of carrots, delicious bruschetta with quail egg, meatballs with meat sauce, delicious porcini mushroom pie, courgette rolls, a very tasty beetroot turbot, rocket salad, delicious aubergine rolls, homemade bread baked in a wood oven and breadsticks. I ordered 1 bottle of sparkling water. There is a beautiful and large cellar of wines, sparkling wines, and champagne. Mr.Giuseppe kindly offered me a free tasty and full-bodied short coffee with delicious home-made biscuits. It was a wonderful experience, clean place, excellent service, honest prices, fair value for money. I highly recommend you visit this restaurant, the restaurant rooms are large and ideal for banquets and receptions. A well deserved 5 stars and more! La Macina Restaurant is a true pearl and flagship of this wonderful medieval village of San Marco D'Alunzio, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy! Congratulations again, keep up the good work! Sincerely, Marisa Josephine Giuliano


Locanda Don Serafino

08/06/2024: We had the most wonderful dinner at Ristorante Locanda Don Serafina. Outstanding food, wine, and service. Beautiful setting. Could not have enjoyed our meal more!
04/06/2024: Excellent starred restaurant where you can enjoy a unique culinary experience. We have chosen the "Essenza Siciliana" tasting menu with a mix studied, down to the smallest detail, of meat and fish-based dishes that best express the flavors of our land. Each course is presented in a surprising way with innovative combinations that enhance the taste of each dish. Impeccable service. Absolutely worth trying

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