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Restaurant La Peca

Lonigo, 45-60€
24/03/2024: Culinary cuisine at the highest level great wine selection professional and warm service and all of this for years 3 stars are overdue!!
13/03/2024: Il miglior ristorante in Veneto e non solo. Consigliato da un ristoratore siamo stati in questo ristorante nel mese di gennaio.. Claudio aveva ragione…. Cucina al top e una menzione speciale per il sommelier.. Bravi,Bravi….


Casa Perbellini

Verona, 45-60€
24/03/2024: Chef's table experience. Magnificent, perfect dishes presented by chef Perbellini, who proved to be an affable and pleasant person. Highly recommended
27/02/2024: I'll start by saying that I had no doubts about the food and the service, let's say that in certain restaurants you're on the safe side. What surprised me the most and what made this experience literally stellar was the chef, but not as a chef, that is "obvious", but as a person. A welcoming and kind host welcomes you at the entrance, shows you his structure, tells you about it, gives it life, lets you sit in his kitchen, cooks for you, serves your meal, entertains you and makes you feel completely at ease, and also say goodbye when unfortunately the time comes to go home. His passion and that of all the staff make you say without a doubt that everything is worth it. The chef's table is an experience that I recommend for its uniqueness. The dishes masterfully prepared, served and described. The professional, but also fun, staff really know what they're doing. The location, unique, refined and elegant but sober and not sumptuous. Truly congratulations to everyone, you were fantastic.


Le Calandre

Rubano, 45-60€
18/03/2024: In my opinion the best in the Padua area. Recommended for refined palates... 3 Michelin star prices not within everyone's reach... after all, you pay for quality.
16/03/2024: The wonder. Impeccable service, they never fail to make you feel at home. Spectacular food.


Ristorante Laite

Sappada, 30-45€
01/04/2024: A special evening, my birthday, with minor children. Everything perfect from the food to the wine to the service. We felt "pampered" as if we were at home. Experience that we will do again this summer. Thank you♥️
02/03/2024: Kindness, sympathy and competence. Lunch with original and refined courses and smiles from the maitre who, even though she was very young, proved to be competent and professional. Be guided by their advice. Drank a fabulous Mosconi.



Venezia, 30-45€
12/05/2024: Lot of vegan options available and super tasty! Highly recommend!
12/05/2024: Great crepes, very affordable as well


Little Charlie Pizza & Food

Monteforte d'alpone
23/02/2024: Super pizza, super tasty sandwiches and bao.. staff always friendly and helpful! Living in the village, we prefer to take away and enjoy it at home... I highly recommend it!
30/01/2024: Everything excellent and plentiful, as always 🔝


Cantina Arnaldi

Venezia, 20-30€
31/03/2024: Great place where you can taste good Italian wines and good tapas. I highly recommend the charcuterie and cheese board which is excellent and which I have not found the equivalent of anywhere else on the Venetian archipelago!
28/03/2024: Very good sandwiches, attentive staff and delicious Aparol. Great restaurant in a great area!


Locanda Badin

Marano di valpolicella, 30-45€
31/03/2024: ambiente veramente bello e curato. Cibo di qualità ,ottimo e ben fatto. Personale gentile e simpatico.Ottimo anche il vino. Carne eccellente. Bravi
26/03/2024: Ресторан Locanda Badin - настоящая жемчужина среди кулинарных заведений. Уютная атмосфера, пропитанная историей и традицией, сразу погружает в атмосферу итальянского гостеприимства. Каждое блюдо, приготовленное шеф-поваром, словно творение искусства, раскрывает на вкус всю глубину и аутентичность итальянской кухни.


Locanda San Lorenzo

Puos d'alpago, 60-100€
05/04/2024: Impeccable service, courteous and competent staff. Excellent dishes, balance of flavours, very pleasant sensations on the palate
10/03/2024: Il menu degustazione molto buono e con tanti sapori diversi. Abbinamenti gustosi e ben equilibrati. Ambientazione ben curata e "minimalista", personale preparato e professionale.


Ristorante Gellius

07/04/2024: My girlfriend and I had a wonderful experience. The dinner location was exceptional, with the unique feature of housing archaeological excavations inside. We opted for the Primavera menu, which proved to be a delightful journey through exquisite flavors and meticulous preparations. The service was outstanding, demonstrating a genuine commitment to guest and taking care of us. Regarding the price, I believe it's honest. I think it is an experience you can indulge in a few times.
21/03/2024: We felt pampered, amazing food.


La Chiusina

Valeggio sul mincio
06/04/2024: Expectations that become certainties. Strong but delicate flavours. Sensory experience to live
06/04/2024: Intimate and comfortable environment. The attention to the customer is maximum and this makes the experience even more pleasant. Well-executed dishes and excellent raw materials used. Applause goes to Enrico: young, empathetic and organizer of a perfect service. Compliments


Ristorante all'Antenna

Schio, 30-45€
07/04/2024: Place with breathtaking views, very intimate environment. Excellent food and excellent service
21/03/2024: Simply wonderful! From the location, to all the people who work there, to the delicious food and presentation of the dishes. SUPER!


Ristorante La Scala

Abano terme
07/04/2024: We were able to try a complete menu for our son's graduation. Truly suggestive place, excellent service, quality and delights for every palate. Thanks Diego for your kindness, when we return to Abano Terme Padova we will definitely be back as we have to try other dishes.
07/04/2024: We had dinner at this beautiful restaurant to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday. Top quality food, super friendly and competent staff, absolutely accessible prices for any category of customer. Absolutely worth trying!!!


Gelateria L'Artigiano dei Sapori - Di Giordano Lombardi

06/04/2024: The best quality gelato in town. Not many flavors available but they are all good. Some unique menus. It closes early (@7pm), so hard to catch for an evening dessert:(.
05/04/2024: Very tasteful ice cream, very tasty and great music. Really an experience.


Taberna Salis

15/03/2024: Small place, professional, efficient
14/03/2024: Dinner with friends in the middle of the week, excellent food and a typical and warm Polesine atmosphere, very kind staff, I will definitely return

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