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Piazza Duomo

Alba, 45-60€
19/03/2024: 9/27/2022 Just two words: Unique Experience.
16/03/2024: Unique experience, it's difficult to explain, the dishes are presented with skill, bright colors that arouse the appetite, distinct, clean and delicate flavours, very kind staff including the chef, they make you feel immediately at ease. Amazing cellar, the sommelier, a young guy, is very knowledgeable and made me try some small ones, the real ones from the area.


La Pergola

Roma, 30-45€
12/03/2024: In the top! Refined, hearty cuisine, a treat! Dynamic, friendly and professional service.
04/03/2024: There are no words to express what your taste buds will say.


Ristorante Hotel Villa Crespi

Orta san giulio
05/04/2024: One of a kind location. Canna is better if it goes on TV than in the kitchen. The pleasure of the senses is something else entirely.
04/04/2024: Nice experience but absent chef, good but not exceptional dishes, high prices as they should be in a three star hotel, not three star service, very good and knowledgeable sommelier. Questionable price/quality I wouldn't go back



Colle di val d'elsa
07/04/2024: A true experience to remember in every respect.
18/03/2024: My husband chooses this restaurant for his birthday, there are two of us. After so many 1-stars, we try the leap and at Arnolfo's everything is 2 Michelin stars! The perfect service, Mr. Trovato accompanies us on a visit to the cellar, amazing, I've never seen a restaurant with a cellar like this. The dishes are excellent, despite my numerous and annoying allergies, it is the first time I have eaten everything from start to finish without leaving anything on the plate, in a star restaurant Michelin. Really congratulations! The flowers on the table were beautiful, the annoying pollen were removed, I found it wonderful. The new structure is beautiful, designed and designed for the customer, inside which he is made to feel like a king. A surprise cake with candle for my husband, much appreciated. An open kitchen immersed in a fantastic marble wall, the size does justice to the masters who work inside, perfectly framed. EXCELLENT ATTENTION TO DETAILS AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. Well deserved two Michelin stars!!! Next time at night, for dinner. If everything is so well looked after, with the lighting at night it should be even more magical. A fantastic experience, we will definitely be back soon, thanks for the fantastic experience


Ristorante Andreina

30/03/2024: I'm sorry, but we're absolutely not there, Andreina's soul has disappeared. Terrible, awkward, impalpable service, no one to serve wine, no attention to detail, more complex menu, I left almost hungry. Everything smoked. All. The dessert is almost sickening, I think and I'm very sorry.
29/02/2024: I go there on special occasions and it's never wrong!! All the service is attentive.. The wait staff is super!!!! Barbecued reigns.... It's their strong point and the barbecued spaghetti is incredible!! Everything is excellent and you pay what you have to pay in some restaurants. I don't remember the name of the girl in the room.... But she is the height of friendliness! Thank you and we will always come back for our special dinners!!


I Due Buoi

30/03/2024: Very positive experience, beautiful location, quality food, prompt and attentive service. Possibility to drink excellent wines produced by the adjacent cellar. Highly recommended
25/03/2024: High quality place but unfortunately there is little choice on the dishes


Imàgo at the Hassler

04/04/2024: One of the best dinners of my life Had dinner better than in some three star hotels To return as soon as possible
02/04/2024: Fantastic culinary experience at this starred restaurant which, to be honest, deserves an additional star for how we ate: obviously very good! The view is magnificent. Exquisite dining room staff. At dinner the lights reflect on the windows making the beauty of the view somewhat lost but they confirmed to us that they are working to resolve this small flaw.


L'Immagine Ristorante Bistrot

06/04/2024: I advise everyone to go there, the boss is super nice, the dishes are delicious and a very good atmosphere.
30/03/2024: It not only looks delicious but also tastes good. The staff are the nicest people I've ever seen, sweet as pie. Highly recommended, I will miss it.


Dolce Stil Novo alla Reggia - Alfredo Russo

Venaria reale
31/03/2024: It was a beautiful family dinner!! Impeccable service, very kind and I even managed to have a chat with chef Alfredo Russo!! Well the menu left me speechless, studied from A to Z perfect down to the smallest details. Thank you all for your hard work
29/03/2024: Very beautiful palace, very wonderful experience, I really like eating lobster 🦞, everything is perfect! ☺️The service is also very good


Sal8 Ristorante Bar

05/04/2024: Perfect service, full of delicacy and kindness, thank you. Excellent meal. Incredible value for money. Go there with your eyes closed, you will have a great time!
04/04/2024: Excellent first courses, especially the one with Nebrodi suckling pig sauce. friendly staff.



06/04/2024: Finally found a friendly Roman sandwich shop! Had a delicious focaccia. Delicious.
03/04/2024: Authentic place, small, friendly, a lovely place. Everything you can taste is handmade and very reasonably priced. Ten steps away from the tourist rush you have a place of peace.


Osteria Cafe Ciriera

29/03/2024: Small but well-kept place and delicious and very good dishes. A gem not to be missed!!!
28/03/2024: It could not have been a better experience. The food was truly amazing, the local wine was the best I've ever had, the service just great and the atmosphere was astounding


Ristorante Stuzzico

19/03/2024: Optimal!! Eating here is a complete surprise, relying on the guidance of the chef/owner you reach a goal that leaves you very satisfied. The wine selections, both local and otherwise, are also excellent. Everything very good.
17/03/2024: We went to Osmodi on February 10th for dinner, the place was just for us. In these cases it's worth the trip, the restaurant pays great attention to detail, the chef Deborah was fantastic (thanks again) we had a 6-course tasting and wine tasting, particularly pay attention to intolerances and allergies. as regards the menu in words it is difficult to explain what we felt while eating its dishes, it was a carousel of flavours, smells and consistencies of the dishes above the average of many famous starred ones. We will come back for sure


A Casa Mia

San casciano in val di pesa
31/03/2024: We were by chance in this restaurant, fabulous, we had a great time, excellent food, fantastic people
25/03/2024: Small rustic place and very simple, I would say characteristic compared to the context of where it is located! He is simple, friendly, friendly and knows how to advise! we ate a mixed starter rated 10, then portions/tastings of asparagus risotto rated 8, pasta with garlic 10, penne with rabbit 9, peposo 10, duck with orange 10, straccetti 8, mixed desserts 8 but there was something left over because we were bloated given that we did encores! The beauty is the rustic part, flat glasses and coffee cups (with mocha) each different from the other. Personally, simplicity and goodness are what I'm looking for! I highly recommend it but I also recommend booking because there are few places! We asked for the estimate and at the table between drinking and eating we thought we would spend 55/60... We spent 45


Marsam Locanda

Bene vagienna
17/03/2024: Marsam é una garanzia!! Stra consigliato !
17/03/2024: Marsam é una garanzia!! Stra consigliato !

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