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Piazza Duomo

Alba, 45-60€
19/03/2024: 9/27/2022 Just two words: Unique Experience.
16/03/2024: Unique experience, it's difficult to explain, the dishes are presented with skill, bright colors that arouse the appetite, distinct, clean and delicate flavours, very kind staff including the chef, they make you feel immediately at ease. Amazing cellar, the sommelier, a young guy, is very knowledgeable and made me try some small ones, the real ones from the area.


Ristorante Hotel Villa Crespi

Orta san giulio
05/04/2024: One of a kind location. Canna is better if it goes on TV than in the kitchen. The pleasure of the senses is something else entirely.
04/04/2024: Nice experience but absent chef, good but not exceptional dishes, high prices as they should be in a three star hotel, not three star service, very good and knowledgeable sommelier. Questionable price/quality I wouldn't go back


Pasticceria Cioccolateria Fagiolo Piero

14/03/2024: Congratulations indeed, your desserts are delicious, especially the kisses!!! I will be back very soon ☺️
13/03/2024: Nothing to add about the renowned quality of the products. Congratulations also for the speed and precision in shipping the online order. :)


I Due Buoi

30/03/2024: Very positive experience, beautiful location, quality food, prompt and attentive service. Possibility to drink excellent wines produced by the adjacent cellar. Highly recommended
25/03/2024: High quality place but unfortunately there is little choice on the dishes


Guido Ristorante

Serralunga d'alba, 20-30€
07/04/2024: Splendid restaurant in a location rich in history, excellent quality food, price appropriate to the level of the restaurant.
17/03/2024: Intimate and reserved, high-level cuisine in a period setting with a classic flavour. Respectful treatment and very friendly welcome. Original or revisited dishes of excellent quality, in line with the level at which the restaurant sets itself. Overall a beautiful and very good experience, the wine list was also excellent. Prices appropriate to the offer.


Dolce Stil Novo alla Reggia - Alfredo Russo

Venaria reale
31/03/2024: It was a beautiful family dinner!! Impeccable service, very kind and I even managed to have a chat with chef Alfredo Russo!! Well the menu left me speechless, studied from A to Z perfect down to the smallest details. Thank you all for your hard work
29/03/2024: Very beautiful palace, very wonderful experience, I really like eating lobster 🦞, everything is perfect! ☺️The service is also very good


Il Negozio-ArcioliVini

05/04/2024: Very interesting selection of wines and even beer. The food was excellent. Very friendly hosts..
30/03/2024: My boyfriend and I went here for lunch and left very happy! We ate and drank well and spent the right amount! The environment is very nice and the girl in the room is kind and super competent. Well done! We will definitely be back :)


Ristorante La Credenza

San maurizio canavese, 45-60€
11/03/2024: Extraordinary! Excellent service and staff.
09/03/2024: Fantastic experience. Excellent dishes and a global experience that is not easily forgotten, in fact... you can't wait to go back! Everything perfect, the only note on the side room which is, perhaps, a little anonymous and cold compared to the main room


L'Osto 'Dna Volta

09/05/2024: We went to Ostu Bistrot for lunch with friends, a very clean and elegant place. The expertly restored exposed brick vault is wonderful. The furnishings and table settings are tasteful. The wine windows are beautiful and make you immediately understand that you will be drinking excellent wine. Francesco in the dining room was able to recommend an excellent bottle to accompany the chosen dishes. TOP service, nothing is left out: change of cutlery, cleaning of the table, service of both wine and water and perfect times with an eye for children who are served early. The varied menu, each dish has that touch you don't expect, if the sight is already satisfying once you've tasted it, all of Chef Sol's dishes will amaze you. With every bite you can feel all the passion and commitment to treating the excellent quality raw materials in the best way. Bread, breadsticks and fresh pasta, all homemade. It's nice to find these small businesses that focus entirely on the quality of both the dishes and the service! Beautiful discovery! We will be back soon!
10/04/2024: Pleasant discovery during one of my business trips: exquisite food in a welcoming and refined environment, impeccable service. I will definitely return!


Taverna San Martino

10/05/2024: Excellent food, kind and professional staff, well-kept environment. I recommend, I will return.😊
06/05/2024: Small, well-kept and clean environment, kind and professional service, very good Piedmontese cuisine (menu choices rightly limited to 4 or 5 dishes per course) and excellent wine list (always in relation to the type of establishment). Costs in line with quality and quantity of food and drinks.


Marsam Locanda

Bene vagienna
17/03/2024: Marsam é una garanzia!! Stra consigliato !
17/03/2024: Marsam é una garanzia!! Stra consigliato !


Ristorante Caciucco

28/03/2024: Beautiful location and superb food. Truly special family evening thanks to the tasting menu, the chef and all the staff.
17/03/2024: Personale fin troppo gentile, attento in tutto, locale molto pulito con arredo decoroso, menù degustazione ottimo ed abbondante, prezzo congruo. Locale consigliato.



Sizzano, 30-45€
24/03/2024: Traditional Piedmontese cuisine. The mise en bouche of meatballs was exceptional. The paniscia is excellent, the chicken and the "fritto misto" are surprising in quality. For those who know how to choose: nice wine list. Only one drawback: the ravioli, with an excellent filling, were a little overcooked. 5 to the kitchen for this a little generous, but correct for the other dishes mentioned. Highly recommended. We'll be back.
13/03/2024: Even with the enlarged dining room, the quality, courtesy and service are still at a high level.


Il Portale

01/04/2024: Very good address, we particularly recommend the 62° egg, Jerusalem artichoke and Sichuan pepper
30/03/2024: Wonderful restaurant with very varied and extremely tasty cuisine and super nice people


Accademia Del Panino

12/05/2024: Super helpful and joking staff, small but very welcoming place, and finally the sandwich is the only thing I can tell you and you won't regret trying it
12/05/2024: The best place to eat the best sandwich you can imagine. The staff is nothing short of friendly and it is always a pleasure to come back because you feel a bit at home. Crunchy or soft bread and very fresh ingredients. The Chef's hand is always generous and, if necessary, sublime in understanding your tastes

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