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Terrazza Bosquet

Sorrento, Napoli, 30-45€
26/05/2024: Unbelievable experience! A must do when is Sorrento or an even better reason to visit. Book in advance and make it happen.
16/05/2024: The food was fabulous as well as the service. We chose the SACRED menu and all the dishes were amazing. The complimentary cake by the chef is also very delicious. The mousse is at the right sweetness level. We will definitely come here next time we visit Sorrento!


El Coq

Vicenza, Vicenza, 30-45€


Da Vittorio

Brusaporto, Bergamo, 30-45€
09/06/2024: ... what can I say... unique experience that I highly recommend trying.. A dive into unique flavors and explosions of pleasure for the taste buds... raw materials of the highest quality and impeccable service with highly trained and qualified dining room staff... The cheerfulness of the Cerea family welcomes you and makes you feel like a guest in the family... friendly, nice and with the great passion they put into what they do, they know how to make Da Vittorio a stop not to be missed... I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful emotion... I will be back soon… Laura Capuzzi
08/06/2024: I preferred to wait a bit of time to calmly write this review. It is after all one of the best culinary experiences I have had so far. Let's start by saying that the universe that revolves around Vittorio is complex: it is not just a restaurant but wants to try to give you a complete experience to the fullest. When you enter the large estate you will see tennis courts, green lawns and a beautiful swimming pool (then, if you have a helicopter, near the runway you can also sunbathe!!!!). Hospitality and staff are at the highest levels, kind, helpful and precise. If it's a nice day I absolutely recommend eating out. The interior room is large, beautiful and bright but it didn't tell me much. The outside however is beautiful! We chose the 16-course menu (I have to say that in hindsight I absolutely wouldn't have breakfast), it's long and by the end of lunch you'll roll out of the restaurant gates. Fish-based menu for most courses. Some dishes, the most iconic, have an absolutely deserved fame. Others were an incredible experience for the eyes and the palate. Some didn't particularly make my heart beat. On a new plate there was the wrong cutlery, but I have to say that overall it was an excellent experience. My negative notes, which should not exist in a place like this, are: 1) the presence of only one bathroom on the ground floor for such a large number of seats. If someone were to stay longer than necessary, a queue would be created (which happened) by making the other diners wait at the table 2) The difference in service compared to other tables in terms of explanations of the dishes 3) Finally, on one specific occasion I felt disappointment /annoyance on the part of the staff for a choice made by the table (to eat the desserts outside, which was also suggested to us by another member of the staff). I admit that I was embarrassed for a few seconds because I didn't know if I should go back to eating inside (forcibly or for the convenience of the service) or if I could stay outside. All with a sort of "we had to chase you" punchline. Except for these nuances, which would generally be ignored anywhere else, the experience was very positive. Excellent dishes, crazy flavors. Cuisine of the highest level.


Ristorante Don Alfonso 1890

Massa lubrense, Napoli, 30-45€
18/05/2024: This was the most wonderful culinary experience. Something that, should you find yourself in Sorrento, you should not miss. The family Iaccarino were all most welcoming, the new decor is serene and stylish, the food and service was off the end of the scale. A memorable three hour lunch on a Saturday was the highlight of our holiday. I cannot recommend this restaurant highly enough.
05/05/2024: We had a gastronomic experience worthy of the greatest restaurants. Visiting the cellar was also a great moment, it is simply exceptional. the service and professionalism of the entire team are impeccable. The cooking, sauces, flavors and quality of the products are perfect. A big thank you to Michele and Mario and the whole team for this unforgettable moment thanks to a warm and welcoming staff. One wonders how it is that this establishment is not, or no longer, included in the Michelin guide, with at least 2 stars.


La Pergola

Roma, Roma, 30-45€
14/05/2024: I was with the family last year, unparalleled service, the sober place with a great view of its terrace, the cuisine, if we could define it, was PERFECT, an execution without a doubt of 3 MICHELIN, the fantastic wine list, a menu only for Italian wines and another for international wines, plus a water menu.....sensational. GREAT the tasting menu and the service was friendly, efficient, always attentive with that Italian touch of making you feel comfortable and happy... 100% RECOMMENDED
11/05/2024: Very nice food with gorgeous service! The chef is very gentle. We had a wonderful night! This was posted last year in June


Ristorante Laite

Sappada, Belluno, 30-45€
01/04/2024: A special evening, my birthday, with minor children. Everything perfect from the food to the wine to the service. We felt "pampered" as if we were at home. Experience that we will do again this summer. Thank you♥️
02/03/2024: Kindness, sympathy and competence. Lunch with original and refined courses and smiles from the maitre who, even though she was very young, proved to be competent and professional. Be guided by their advice. Drank a fabulous Mosconi.


Piazza Duomo

Alba, Cuneo, 45-60€
19/03/2024: 9/27/2022 Just two words: Unique Experience.
16/03/2024: Unique experience, it's difficult to explain, the dishes are presented with skill, bright colors that arouse the appetite, distinct, clean and delicate flavours, very kind staff including the chef, they make you feel immediately at ease. Amazing cellar, the sommelier, a young guy, is very knowledgeable and made me try some small ones, the real ones from the area.


Ristorante El Patio

San felice del benaco, Brescia, 30-45€
01/04/2024: Original mix of Argentina and Italy. Pinsa excellent - crispy and fluffy. Best fritto misto ever, varied and so delicious. Come again!
04/12/2023: Hello everyone, We, Belinda and I, have been coming here almost every day during our holidays for about 4 years now. Of course this is not without reason. The food, regardless of what you order, is superbly balanced in terms of price and quality. The service and chef are also very friendly and helpful. We will definitely be back in this beautiful restaurant next year to enjoy the food, atmosphere and friendliness. Guido and staff, thank you for everything and see you next year 👍


Agli Amici dal 1887

Udine, Udine, 45-60€
31/03/2024: Beat meal/food experience I've ever had.... Service was brilliant, loved every second of being here, food delicious, atmosphere as soon as I stepped in the door and incredible value for money!!! Can't wait to come back again. Gracie mille.
12/03/2024: Perfection. One of my most beautiful culinary experiences.


Spinechile Resort

Schio, Vicenza, 30-45€
07/05/2024: Excellent venue and friendly staff, unique culinary experience and generous doses. Price commensurate with service, food and location. Highly recommended


Restaurant La Peca

Lonigo, Vicenza, 45-60€
29/05/2024: You go there with high expectations because it's a 2 star kitchen, but after the evening is over you sit there pleasantly surprised. The dishes are all more beautiful than the one before and a harmonious composition with every bite. You are welcomed wholeheartedly and you immediately notice the passion that goes into everything. Definitely worth a visit!
28/04/2024: To live a more unique than rare experience


Ristorante La Credenza

San maurizio canavese, Torino, 45-60€
07/06/2024: Michelin star aside, it is always pleasant to spend an evening dedicated to good food, the friendliness of the staff and the Chef. La Credenza, a guarantee!
19/04/2024: A fantastic evening with friends in a restaurant that gave us great emotions due to the quality, care and presentation of the food. We chose the tasting menu with matching wines that enhanced every single course.


Le Calandre

Rubano, Padova, 45-60€
27/05/2024: Excellent quality Food, attention to customer care, polite waiters. It was very pleasant.
25/05/2024: It seems to be a good place as I can see from photos there are good meals


Antica Osteria Cera

Campagna lupia, Venezia, 45-60€
02/06/2024: Located on the outskirts of Venice, accessibility to the restaurant can be a problem, but worth the hassle at the first bite of the marvelous seafood cuisine locally sourced. What impressed was the skill and precision with the delicate seafood to maximize freshness while retaining the natural flavors with good wines to pair. The presentation was especially superb. The quiet rural setting plus an elegant dining room with welcoming service made the farewell to Venice dinner all the more memorable, and among the best fine dining experiences. A two Michelin stars restaurant.
29/05/2024: Fantastic starred restaurant with quick, polite and refined service, superlative dishes and an almost idyllic atmosphere


Osteria Francescana

Modena, Modena, 45-60€
15/05/2024: All extraordinary, an experience to try at least once
14/05/2024: After months of waiting and given the fame of the chef and the restaurant we expected an exceptional journey. What can I say, expectations were not disappointed in any aspect. The venue is magnificent, the rooms well furnished and intimate. The staff were really kind, friendly, helpful and attentive but never intrusive. The cuisine, what can I say, a journey for each course, where the description first, the taste during and the idea of ​​the dish afterwards, leave you in a state of ecstasy. An unforgettable experience, to be lived at least once in a lifetime.

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