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Sal8 Ristorante Bar

28/06/2024: Top quality Sicilian food in Agrigento. Will be back.
26/06/2024: Service, food and place are very good!!!! Highly recommended!!!!! ♥️


Luna restaurant

05/07/2024: Très très bon. Plats faits maison, en particulier les pâtes et les desserts. Poisson frais de la pêche locale. Choix de vins locaux.
29/06/2024: A very nice restaurant, with an interesting designed menu, reasonable prices considering how tasty the dishes are. Impeccable service, an impressive collection of wines, definitely worth a try.


KOKO The Sushi Revolution

Quartu sant'elena
01/07/2024: First of all I thank the staff, especially the Italian girl, she welcomed me with a big smile and was always helpful and attentive. As for the food, I have to say the quality is on average high, compared to the price. The only flaw, in the dishes that were spinning at one point a fly appeared trapped between the uramaki and the protective plastic, but working in the kitchen I am aware that these things happen, the service was very fast so it can happen (review the cleaning mechanism of the dishes and try to keep the windows closed) And personally, a little too much rice in the nighiri and the Temaki, they filled me up immediately :) However, I really appreciated it I advise
28/06/2024: This is the second time I have come to eat at this restaurant. I highly recommend it!! All very very good, especially the raw one which I go crazy for. I will definitely go back!!


Le Tartare Cucina & Vini

Chiusi, 30-45€
29/06/2024: Excellent restaurant de terre ou de mer. Plats cuisinés avec beaucoup d’inventivité ou purement en tartare. Belle décoration avec des tables bien dressées. Terrasse agréable. Personnel attentif et gentil. Une adresse incontournable Serge et Caroline
28/06/2024: Posto ACCOGLIENTE ben curato elegante adatto a tutti. piacevole il servizio la cucina presenta piatti molto piacevoli. Ottima la cantina Torneremo


Ristorante Cozzeria Pluma

09/06/2024: Very good food. The environment seems nice. I ate outside. A pleasant solution but exaggerating with the outside seating detracts from the service. We had to wait for them to clean other people's mussel containers so we could have them. The bucket to keep the wine cool has been removed by others. The bread and towels never arrived until after an express request for the second course. The restaurant staff were very nice and smiling but with 20 fewer seats they would certainly work better.
01/06/2024: Value, quality/price: unbeatable. The choice of not having an incredibly long and varied menu was intelligent. The girls are perfect, attentive, fast, kind


Il pagliaccio

25/05/2024: One of a kind experience! I gave my husband a dinner as a wedding present and I couldn't have made a better choice. Everything was fantastic from the welcome, to the attention to detail, the excellent food, even the combinations. Compliments!
08/04/2024: The stewed rice tastes chewy. Accompanied by thorough pumping🦑 Every bite is delicious. The veal steak is super delicious and the meat is super tender. Desserts are average


Buena Vista

27/06/2024: Clean in the restaurant and in the restroomarea. Good drinks ,great service and nice light atmosphere. We can recommend this and will be back. Close to the Casino.
21/06/2024: Excellent Argentine dishes prepared with quality ingredients. You are served with kindness and friendliness. Restaurant to try.


Radio Bottega

17/06/2024: A truly alternative place, for a top-notch aperitif, very special and good tapas, not to mention the really good cocktails, you can see that there is a lot of research and scrupulousness in what they do! To be tried absolutely 💯
16/06/2024: Amazing cocktails and food. The Negroni and caprese martini were incredible. The menu was very unique. This was our first time seeing bao buns and tacos on any menu in Italy and everything we tried was delicious. We would definitely return here.


Ristorante d'O

02/07/2024: Large restaurant located in the square of the hamlet of S.Pietro all'Olmo with a large elm tree. The windows of the restaurant overlook the square with the elm tree which accompanies the diners during the meal, giving tranquility and serenity. Moving on to the dishes, they are tasty, tasty, expertly balanced in taste and never too adventurous. The service is punctual, attentive and very friendly. The chef is very present and close. In the end you come out happy, satisfied with having dedicated time to pamper yourself, whether you are alone or in company
30/06/2024: It would be a Comet place... Excellence in every aspect, amazing dinner, simply magnificent service, unique and extraordinary dishes, the best place ever. Congratulations, chapeau.


Happy Moments

Sesto san giovanni
11/06/2024: I ate delicious and very fresh fish! Super attentive, helpful and very nice waiters! 10/10 restaurant!
11/06/2024: Excellent fish both raw and cooked


Ristorante Ai Laghi

Revine lago
22/06/2024: the pizza dough is exceptional. very crunchy. Excellent pizzas that are not obtained like this. Overall a great restaurant.
15/06/2024: Delicious pizza, the lady was very kind and "made" me a spectacular pizza 😊


Ristorante L'Antico Forziere

Deruta, 30-45€
05/05/2024: We went for dinner, the place is very nice, service and excellent food
28/04/2024: An enchanting place where you can relax, from June you will also be able to use the outdoor swimming pool in addition to the Spa the staff were very kind and well trained Very refined restaurant, very good dishes Congratulations 💯 💯 💯


13/07/2024: A very nice place, good atmosphere and nice decoration. Good service, fast and pleasant. Average food, small tapas style dishes. Quality/price too expensive in my opinion.
05/07/2024: Small and elegant place with open kitchen and soft lighting. Excellent dining room staff, prepared and welcoming, witty when needed and not intrusive. Very good dishes and space tiramisu! I didn't take photos because I couldn't wait to taste the dishes 😁 I'll be back!


Mar Rosso

28/06/2024: Really nice atmosphere, tasty and interesting food. The menu is very limited, but good. You can also find traditional low tables in half of the restaurant, where you have to take off your shoes. Lovely staff, very good wine selection.
23/06/2024: Beautiful experience!! Located in the heart of San Salvario, the venue is well looked after with music and furnishings typical of Afro culture. The decidedly essential menu allows you to try unique tastes and flavors without going overly spicy. The staff was kind and helpful in answering all our questions. To try!!


Casa del Popolo

19/06/2024: Simple and easy-going environment, friendly staff, excellent food!
18/05/2024: welcoming place, with outdoor garden, quiet location, very friendly staff. There were two of us and we took a portion of aubergine parmigiana prepared with first choice ingredients, stringy mozzarella, cooked to perfection. the other course consisted of linguine with clams, a very tasty dish, pasta at the right point of cooking and plenty of clams. worth mentioning are the canapés with creamed cod, absolutely worth trying, all "washed down" with a liter of spritz. the apple strudel is good. total dinner 43.50 euros, perhaps the only negative note was the price of the portion of strudel (4.50 euros per piece), especially when compared to the price of the other courses. in any case, the tavern passed with flying colors!

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