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Restaurant La Peca

Lonigo, 45-60€
24/03/2024: Culinary cuisine at the highest level great wine selection professional and warm service and all of this for years 3 stars are overdue!!
13/03/2024: Il miglior ristorante in Veneto e non solo. Consigliato da un ristoratore siamo stati in questo ristorante nel mese di gennaio.. Claudio aveva ragione…. Cucina al top e una menzione speciale per il sommelier.. Bravi,Bravi….


Dal Pescatore

30/03/2024: A warm climate, the heart of tradition dedicated to the highest cuisine. It warms Italian hearts which we also find in the environment; in the romantic and well-kept garden it is satisfying to look at it.
02/03/2024: Perfection From the welcome to the final greetings... everything lived up to expectations... or maybe more! Extremely qualified staff very attentive to satisfying every need...very kind owners Food: beyond all expectations! Absolutely the best restaurant I've ever tried!!!


Ristorante La Trota

Rivodutri, 20-30€
02/04/2024: Great experience... it's the third time I've gone... tried their land menu: highly recommended. Paring with wine is never taken for granted. Big
11/01/2024: Abbiamo iniziato al meglio il 2024 tornando in questo posto sublime, gioia degli occhi e del palato , con piatti vere opere d'arte. Tutto impeccabile incluso l'ambiente, l'accoglienza, il servizio. Gentilissimi i proprietari che con la loro attività danno lustro alla città di Rieti.


Casa Perbellini

Verona, 45-60€
24/03/2024: Chef's table experience. Magnificent, perfect dishes presented by chef Perbellini, who proved to be an affable and pleasant person. Highly recommended
27/02/2024: I'll start by saying that I had no doubts about the food and the service, let's say that in certain restaurants you're on the safe side. What surprised me the most and what made this experience literally stellar was the chef, but not as a chef, that is "obvious", but as a person. A welcoming and kind host welcomes you at the entrance, shows you his structure, tells you about it, gives it life, lets you sit in his kitchen, cooks for you, serves your meal, entertains you and makes you feel completely at ease, and also say goodbye when unfortunately the time comes to go home. His passion and that of all the staff make you say without a doubt that everything is worth it. The chef's table is an experience that I recommend for its uniqueness. The dishes masterfully prepared, served and described. The professional, but also fun, staff really know what they're doing. The location, unique, refined and elegant but sober and not sumptuous. Truly congratulations to everyone, you were fantastic.


San Domenico

Imola, 30-45€
28/03/2024: The Italian kitchen. Past, present and future of Italian catering. A real journey into the past and into the most authentic and profound memories. The egg ravioli is metaphysical, the roast risotto excellent. A cuisine anchored in the past that does not waver. No flights of fancy, but a lot of knowledge and classicism. Princely service, cellar and sommeliers make the experience a beautiful memory.
03/03/2024: Two stars and it deserves them all. The only one in the province of Bologna. Tradition brought towards "haute cuisine" with iconic dishes such as ravioli with truffle and porcini mushrooms. Each course is a journey that starts from Romagna and lands around the world. The rooms are furnished with great taste. Impeccable service


Le Calandre

Rubano, 45-60€
18/03/2024: In my opinion the best in the Padua area. Recommended for refined palates... 3 Michelin star prices not within everyone's reach... after all, you pay for quality.
16/03/2024: The wonder. Impeccable service, they never fail to make you feel at home. Spectacular food.


Il Melograno

07/03/2024: I really liked the dishes I ordered, apart from the starter which I had some doubts about (personal tastes). The waiters are polite, friendly and smiling. The environment tends towards formal; Not my type, but it's nice and I always enjoy going back
03/03/2024: Everything was very perfect, we ate very well and Matteo is very good and attentive to all the details. I highly recommend


Rosso Barrique

Vibo valentia, 30-45€
01/04/2024: Una esperienza gourmet a Pasquetta, una bella scoperta in quel di Vibo Valentina, in un ambiente familiare vieni coccolato dai due titolari,lo chef e la moglie, tra mille portate a livello di ristoranti stellati....un merito ulteriore accettano il cane con naturalezza
31/03/2024: Excellent lunch. We were welcomed warmly. The dishes, in addition to pleasing the eye, satisfied our palate. I highly recommend this place.


Madonnina del Pescatore

Senigallia, 60-100€
22/03/2024: When you enter the Madonna the ugliness of the world remains outside.........
14/03/2024: This fish restaurant is one of the top in the Senigallia area, facing the sea, simple and innovative recipes, creativity, very fresh fish, refined and km0 raw materials The staff is very gentle and helpful, you almost feel at home. Very pleasant


I Due Buoi

30/03/2024: Very positive experience, beautiful location, quality food, prompt and attentive service. Possibility to drink excellent wines produced by the adjacent cellar. Highly recommended
25/03/2024: High quality place but unfortunately there is little choice on the dishes


Pasticceria Cioccolateria Fagiolo Piero

14/03/2024: Congratulations indeed, your desserts are delicious, especially the kisses!!! I will be back very soon ☺️
13/03/2024: Nothing to add about the renowned quality of the products. Congratulations also for the speed and precision in shipping the online order. :)


Guido Ristorante

Serralunga d'alba, 20-30€
07/04/2024: Splendid restaurant in a location rich in history, excellent quality food, price appropriate to the level of the restaurant.
17/03/2024: Intimate and reserved, high-level cuisine in a period setting with a classic flavour. Respectful treatment and very friendly welcome. Original or revisited dishes of excellent quality, in line with the level at which the restaurant sets itself. Overall a beautiful and very good experience, the wine list was also excellent. Prices appropriate to the offer.


Ristorante Andreina

30/03/2024: I'm sorry, but we're absolutely not there, Andreina's soul has disappeared. Terrible, awkward, impalpable service, no one to serve wine, no attention to detail, more complex menu, I left almost hungry. Everything smoked. All. The dessert is almost sickening, I think and I'm very sorry.
29/02/2024: I go there on special occasions and it's never wrong!! All the service is attentive.. The wait staff is super!!!! Barbecued reigns.... It's their strong point and the barbecued spaghetti is incredible!! Everything is excellent and you pay what you have to pay in some restaurants. I don't remember the name of the girl in the room.... But she is the height of friendliness! Thank you and we will always come back for our special dinners!!



31/03/2024: A welcoming and familiar place, you are welcomed by the owner with a kind and passionate manner. The menu is varied and makes you want to order everything on paper, you can perceive the passion and uniqueness of the dishes made available to the customer. I highly recommend it to everyone. I will definitely return.
29/03/2024: Like eating at a chef’s home kitchen. Genuine atmosphere. Excellent food


Imàgo at the Hassler

04/04/2024: One of the best dinners of my life Had dinner better than in some three star hotels To return as soon as possible
02/04/2024: Fantastic culinary experience at this starred restaurant which, to be honest, deserves an additional star for how we ate: obviously very good! The view is magnificent. Exquisite dining room staff. At dinner the lights reflect on the windows making the beauty of the view somewhat lost but they confirmed to us that they are working to resolve this small flaw.

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