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Casa Perbellini

Verona, Verona, 45-60€
25/06/2024: Io e mia moglie siamo stati a Casa Perbellini/i 12 Apostoli in occasione del nostro 30mo anniversario di nozze, e non ritornavo ai 12 Apostoli da tantissimi anni, uno dei primi ristoranti “importanti” che ho frequentato all’inizio della mia carriera lavorativa, allora sotto la gestione dello Chef Giorgio Gioco. L’esperienza è stata superlativa, abbiamo preso il menu io e Silvia, tutti i piatti molto buoni e esteticamente belli, con una identificazione chiara e precisa degli ingredienti utilizzati e con sapori decisi e forti. Il nostro piatto preferito è stato la quaglia con bufala, olio di origano, pomodori, acciughe, una specie di quaglia/pizza spettacolare. Una nota al team che ci ha coccolati capitanato da Chantal: giovani, bravi e competenti, simpatici e amichevoli, ci hanno decisamente fatti sentire a casa … Perbellini :—)
07/06/2024: per me è sempre il posto perfetto: il locale è accogliente senza essere stucchevole, elegante, ma sobrio con un tocco di eccentricità...lo trovo piacevole e il percorso nella verona sotterranea rende tutto più magico. Prima ancora di parlare del cibo, devo parlare del servizio che trovo sempre impeccabile. I ragazzi sono selezionati (e formati, immagino..) per avere garbo e grande attenzione al cliente. Del menu...che dire? Raffinato, stupefacente, meraviglioso, goloso, ricco, stuzzicante, appagante, curato, raffinato, ..... Lo chef: sempre accogliente e piacevole. un posto magico, per me sempre il numero 1!


Antica Moka

Modena, Modena, 45-60€
31/03/2024: Easter Saturday evening 2024, unforgettable dinner, beyond expectations (already high, given the name...)... Tradition proposed in an innovative way, right and abundant portions... Tortellini confirm their rightful fame, high-level desserts. .. but the latter are truly exceptional. Right quality/price ratio.... Definitely recommended, and worth trying
19/03/2024: Congratulations! Excellent service Excellent food Special birthday evening thanks to my wife! ❤️


Restaurant Del Lago

Bagno di romagna, Forli'-cesena, 45-60€
19/06/2024: Excellent dinner, perfect sommelier advice for the dishes; they were also very helpful in accommodating a diner who doesn't eat meat and we appreciated it very much. The only flaw was when in a wild boar dish we found a dot for hunting different types of birds, the dish was very good anyway but when we asked if there was only wild boar meat we were told yes.
04/06/2024: I am reviewing the restaurant because I did not stay in the hotel. Truly top restaurant. Truly top quality service and food. Highly recommended!!!!!!!


Il Convivio Troiani

Roma, Roma, 45-60€
08/06/2024: Great atmosphere, great wine pairings, very fresh ingredients and great variety where you can really see the Chef’s creativity. One nitpick, I hope there’s more protein dishes
04/06/2024: Great place for a one of a kind dinner!


Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia

Milano, Milano, 45-60€
26/05/2024: Starry dinner with tasty dishes like an excellent trattoria but refined as a gourmet restaurant. The dishes are prepared with typical ingredients of our beautiful country, the location is simple but elegant. The service good. Worth trying again on another occasion other than a business dinner with a fixed menu...
26/05/2024: During my yesterday's dining experience, I was impressed by the attention to detail and the quality of the offerings. The menu proudly highlighted the origin and territoriality of the products used that the restaurant should indeed be proud of. Dishes showcased multiple textures, precision cutting, and a variety of cooking methods and stages. Visually, they were beautiful, with the presentation of the tortelli standing out for me as particularly elegant; the colours of the plate perfectly matched those of the tortelli. My personal favourite was the red mullet dish. The combination of smoky cheese and varied textures provided a delightful burst of flavour that literally gave me dopamine goosebumps. Honorable mention: the Fassone beef, with its delicious coating: (chamomile panure and red onions) was exceptionally tasty. Service at the restaurant was impeccable. The staff 'en salle' was attentive, particularly the experianced 'maître de maison' who offered regular and informative interactions. A special highlight was the interaction with chef Pisani who visited my table, adding a personal touch to the evening. There was an akward moment with the payment process as I struggled to pay with two foreign cards, all finished well when a diffrent payment terminal was brought. This did not spoil an otherwise very pleasant evening.


Piccolo Lord

Torino, Torino, 45-60€
09/07/2024: Renovation experience, like many
06/07/2024: The tartare + prawn + foie gras dish is very interesting. We notice that in the dish they share a caramelized note.


Trattoria di Via Serra

Bologna, Bologna, 45-60€
04/07/2024: Valid, quality, price, hospitality
03/07/2024: It's such a pleasure to talk with the staff who know absolutely everything about the dishes and shared stories of their childhood favourite foods. True passion! Incredibly delicious.


I Pupi

Bagheria, Palermo, 45-60€
14/06/2024: A sensorial journey from east to west...
27/05/2024: High quality restaurant in the heart of Bagheria Excellent cuisine and high level service Laura manages to pamper you by letting that familiar but always professional air shine through, Excellent wine pairing


La Cucina di San Pietro a Pettine

Trevi, Perugia, 45-60€
16/07/2024: Super... full 5 stars. Let me start by saying that we were lucky enough to be guests of our friends from Foligno for a special evening; guests who already know the estate and the property well. This affected the review... I don't think so because I would have written the following anyway. There are some special places.... which rightly.... can be defined as "places of the soul"... among which the Tenuta di San Pietro a Pettine rightfully belongs. Location, food experience, attentive and precise service, professionalism, environment, refinement... all elements that bring La Cucina and the Tenuta di San Pietro a Pettine in general... into the TOP list of places seen and tried in Umbria. Very talented chef.... dishes that manage to mix tradition with innovation and creativity.... very good! A round of applause to all the very young staff of the restaurant and to the TOP level Sommelier! Very high level throughout ... with a "gem" above all .... the rural Romanesque church that stands inside the property perfectly renovated and restored by Carlo and his family .... a jewel returned to the community in fact .... because it is always accessible! We had the pleasure of meeting Carlo... "Chapeau!!!" ... we will definitely see each other again! Thank you Emiliano & Francesca
05/07/2024: Incredible location for both an aperitif and dinner. We first tried their cocktails accompanied by an exceptional platter but the real gem is the dinner. We did their Tamanto tasting menu and it was truly incredible, one dish tastier than the other with a constant presence of black truffle in the various dishes Very honest price for what we consumed!


Ciciritto Ristorante

Cinisi, Palermo, 45-60€
14/06/2024: Fantastic , Warm and friendly welcome. The food is excellent and quality. Regarding the location, a large peaceful garden with trees and very calm. I would come back, and in the meantime I highly recommend this great restaurant.
25/04/2024: Elegance, availability and courtesy....the top of catering.


Ristorante La Cantina

Castiglione del lago, Perugia, 45-60€
11/07/2024: Really enchanting place with a crazy view at sunset, even the interior is well done and looked after, despite it being a very crowded Tuesday evening but the service was excellent, dishes a little expensive compared to average, in fact we only ate an appetizer and a first course with a glass of wine spending €70 for two. I would remove some external tables to place them inside to make the environment less chaotic and more suitable for the spectacular sunset and the view offered
11/07/2024: Have lunch after visiting the castle. Price-quality is this good. Staff are friendly and the food is good.


Ost’u Vulesce

Cerignola, Foggia, 30-45€
18/06/2024: A name, a guarantee, quality products, fair prices.
13/06/2024: It's always a pleasure for the palate!!!


Sissi - Andrea Fenoglio

Merano, Bolzano/bozen, 45-60€
04/04/2024: It was a great experience! A very casual atmosphere for a star restaurant. Upscale and yet very relaxed, also in dealing with the guests. The wine selection went well with the menu.
19/03/2024: 27/9/2019 Hospitality (from chef Fenoglio) top. Amazing dishes. Kindness and courtesy from all the staff. Highly recommended!


Trattoria La Madia

Brione, Brescia, 30-45€
29/06/2024: A place to go!!! An experience worth trying.
25/06/2024: In the mountains surrounded by nature, a unique restaurant full of surprises. Very clean, polite and kind guys, atmosphere that transports you to the farm with typical local products. A refined cuisine full of unique and authentic flavours. Unique experience that I fully recommend everyone to do. Congratulations to the chef and all his staff for the extraordinary work you do with care, heart and soul!



Milano, Milano, 45-60€

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