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Oasis Sapori Antichi

Vallesaccarda, Avellino, 30-45€
27/06/2024: It's worth at least once, welcoming and tastefully furnished
15/06/2024: We had the pleasure of visiting the Oasis Restaurant during a special evening in collaboration with chef Pino Cuttaia, and the overall experience was satisfying. The restaurant environment was lively and bustling, with many people present for the special occasion, which inevitably affected the service. Despite the large number of guests, the staff were diligent and courteous, although they did not excel as one might expect in less busy circumstances. The dinner was an interesting gastronomic journey thanks to the collaboration with chef Pino Cuttaia, known for his creativity and innovation in the kitchen. The dishes on offer were well executed, with a combination of bold flavors and artistic presentations that reflected the restaurant's culinary excellence. As for the prices, we found them to be adequate for the quality offered. However, considering the overall experience and notoriety of the restaurant, some may perceive the costs as slightly high. In summary, the Oasis Restaurant with its Michelin star and Green star has proven to deserve the recognition thanks to its high quality cuisine and engaging atmosphere. Despite some difficulties in the service due to the influx of guests, the evening was overall pleasant and rewarding.


Taverna Estia

Brusciano, Napoli, 30-45€
14/05/2024: Wonderful location, friendliness and great professionalism of the guys in the room, 0 km raw materials expertly used. A unique culinary experience, highly recommended!
12/05/2024: Sublime food, truly stellar trip😍😍😍just a shame about the waiting time between one course and another...



Andria, Barletta-andria-trani, 30-45€


Da Gigi Crandola Ristorante Albergo

Crandola valsassina, Lecco, 30-45€
27/06/2024: Good food, gorgeous risotto but it charges its Michelin star with not very affordable prices
09/06/2024: Having stumbled upon it a bit by chance, the complete menu proposal is definitely worth trying again with calm and the right appetite, offering refined dishes, well prepared and well presented. Another strong point is the exquisite staff. I didn't like the setting very much but it's a matter of taste. Definitely recommended for a dinner that will not disappoint. Adequate prices


Ristorante Al Gambero

Calvisano, Brescia, 30-45€
01/06/2024: This restaurant is nothing short of an exceptional dining experience. Congratulations to all the staff. See you soon......
30/05/2024: Good products, good service, perfect cuisine. THANKS.


Locanda di Orta Restaurant

Orta san giulio, Novara, 20-30€
17/06/2024: Best possible location. Dined at the 1 star restaurant. Amazing experience
26/05/2024: Truly wonderful. Our room was small but perfect for two people :) The breakfast was excellent, all served in cute little jars (not the usual buffet where everyone puts their hands). Excellent staff, super helpful, ready to respond to every request. You are exceptional! Keep it up :)


Ristorante La Trota

Rivodutri, Rieti, 20-30€
27/06/2024: The place is of extraordinary beauty. The remarkable cuisine is based mainly on freshwater fish, handled perfectly by the chefs
26/05/2024: Una esperienza, mai un semplice desinare. Una cucina attenta meticolosa e sorprendente. Una orchestra di percezioni.


Ristorante Cavallini

San severino marche, Macerata, 20-30€
01/06/2024: Luca (Chef) and Simone (Room Manager and Sommelier) will welcome you in a magical and relaxing atmosphere. They will delight you with dishes and creations for all palates. Furthermore, if you are undecided about which type of wine to accompany, trust the professional Simone who will never leave you empty-handed, but on the contrary... it will be difficult to leave without taking away a bottle of excellent wine. Highly recommended. 😉🇮🇹🔝
20/05/2024: Delicious food and impeccable service!



Milano, Milano, 20-30€
04/05/2024: Great food and very kind chef. Everything was perfect ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
08/03/2024: First weekend of our life in Milan, we accidentally end up in this restaurant on Sunday 03/03/24. Superlative lunch, impeccable service, with detailed descriptions and pleasant conversations with the staff. The young owner of the restaurant is extremely courteous, hospitable, kind, friendly and professional. So much so that he even offered us a ride in his car at the end of the meal. A unique experience from the food to the climate, including the recommended prosecco (officially one of my favourites). We will certainly return to this place when we return to Milan. An experience worth it. Greetings from Erik and Valeria, thanks again!!!




Porto azzurro, Livorno, 20-30€


Castello Banfi - Sala dei Grappoli

Montalcino, Siena, 30-45€
06/07/2024: Great place, the attention and detail is excellent
04/07/2024: We went there for a wine & dine. The location is absolutely stunning, the food was more than perfect. I didn't have such a perfect service in a very long time. They love dogs as well - big plus! Keep up the good work!


Antica Trattoria San Lorenzo

Perugia, Perugia, 20-30€
02/07/2024: Passing through Perugia, we stopped for lunch, a review on the dishes would be obvious, it is difficult to eat dishes so carefully prepared and cooked. Instead, we want to write a few words about Simone Ciccotti as a person, extremely friendly, with an uncommon passion for work and family. We entered his place as strangers, we left with the feeling that we had always known each other. Well done Simone, the two hours spent in your restaurant were of considerable interest, you are a nice person. Compliments. Sandro and Cecilia
17/06/2024: I booked a table at this restaurant to celebrate an important occasion. I was really impressed by the excellence of all the dishes. Great quality of the raw material and impeccable taste. I will be back soon!

Recensioni Ristorante Diffuso

Roseto degli abruzzi, Teramo, 30-45€
03/07/2024: First experience in a starred restaurant, I must say excellent experience, trained staff who with kindness and humility accompanies you along the way, trying to make you identify with the thoughts and path of the chef. Price appropriate to the star excellent food daring but at the same time amazing combinations, recommended I will definitely return. 11-course course, despite those who say that you don't eat much at starred restaurants 🫢, very full and satisfied. Both me and my girlfriend were made to feel at ease and were very attentive to our needs. I recommend the experience to everyone
21/06/2024: Welcoming environment, excellent food and wine, superlative chef; kind and efficient dining room staff... Christian top marks! 😊

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