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A Spurcacciuna

26/04/2024: Excellent food, very kind staff, very helpful and friendly owner, we recommend it to everyone.
13/04/2024: I went for lunch today! Incredible, excellent, super balanced, elegant and innovative dishes. Ghostly!


Sushi Beach

03/01/2024: All very good and excellent service. Too bad about the slight fishy smell that you can already smell when going down the stairs.
23/12/2023: Come sempre una ottima esperienza!



01/03/2024: Best sushi in the area! The best sushi in the area I've ever tried. The fish feels fresh and of high quality and has nothing to do with all you can eat. Professional staff. Environment with a soft atmosphere also ideal for romantic dinners. Seeing is believing.
31/10/2023: Fast and professional service.. excellent food! Super recommended!


Sushi Inn

04/05/2024: Very good fish and combinations with Italian products, such as stracciatella, really hit the spot! Very satisfied with the service, kind and quick. Some of the fried foods are a little heavy, but the whole thing is truly excellent! Despite the meal, the night passed normally, without waking up due to thirst or a feeling of heaviness as has happened to us in other similar restaurants... We will definitely be back 👍
29/04/2024: He lost so much.... They feed you through the funnel, the quality has dropped and they make sure that you eat and you have to leave to make room for others. After eating, one would like to have a chat, but no, they continue to push, either you order or you remove the disturbance. The point is that the inconvenience costs you at least 35 euros each... Farmhouses and trattorias in the hinterland are better... You eat to your satisfaction, well and you're not in the way. Here they work on piecework. Sorry, we won't be back again, too chaotic and disrespectful towards the customer. And then you can't get angry if you pay 80 euros with a debit card... since I've never had a receipt.... Even the dishes presented on the menu are very different from those that arrive on your table.


Bar Calcagno

03/04/2024: Calcagno has been my point of reference since I came to Arenzano, a young and fun environment in which to spend a wonderful evening of good food and music at the weekend! I was lucky enough to taste both their sushi offerings (always very fresh fish) and their traditional cuisine, which I must say is impeccable. The delivery service earns them a lot of points, when it rains there is nothing better than enjoying the food directly at home. Note of credit to all the guys on the staff, they are fantastic! I will continue to return every time I come to Arenzano, that's for sure.
25/02/2024: Good value for money, young staff very attentive to the customer, excellent location, covered inside and outside. Returned twice both times with satisfaction. The vegetarian choice could be improved.


Sushi Top

06/04/2024: Simply fantastic, you spend the right amount.
22/03/2024: All very good, very fast too. We stayed very well .


Sushi House Fusion Restaurant

02/04/2024: We booked through Google on March 29th for April 1st, received booking confirmation, we get there and they tell us that the place is closed and will reopen in a couple of months. I'm sorry to give 1 star because we've always had a good time but they created a problem for us on Easter Monday.
30/03/2024: Good morning, disappointing today regarding gluten free, lack of clarity on the menu. Good products with little flavor! Sufficient


Victory Morgana Bay

08/05/2024: Superb place Gourmet dishes Great atmosphere Quality service Establishment of lien
02/05/2024: Very nice place, The service is very good, we spent two evenings there, we loved the food, the cocktails, the wine, the sushi is fabulous, the meat very good and the fish too. The desserts are incredible, you can go there with your eyes closed.


Sushi Concept

15/05/2024: Incredible product quality, delicious food, professional staff with contagious and enviable friendliness, over the top location in the center of Genoa, wide selection of wines and drinks. In general, the best fusion cuisine experience in Genoa that you can have, highly recommended even to those who have only heard of sushi and ramen or to those who "don't like it".
07/05/2024: The rolls are superb!! Very kind staff, elegant location. Recommended


I-Sushi La Spezia

La spezia
22/05/2024: Eden Sushi, located at 79 str. Domenico Chiodo , is a restaurant that is truly worth a visit. Not only for the quality and freshness of the sushi they offer, but also for the unique ambiance they manage to create. One distinctive element that makes Eden Sushi special is their aquarium, which I really like. This aquarium is not just an ornament, but a real attraction that adds a touch of tranquility and beauty to the place. The soft lighting and sinuous movements of the fish create a relaxing atmosphere that invites you to enjoy every bite in a serene atmosphere. If you are looking for a place to enjoy delicious Japanese dishes surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere, Eden Sushi is undoubtedly the ideal place.
21/05/2024: All very good. Quick and courteous. Highly recommended



22/05/2024: As always, the dishes are well prepared, the staff friendly, the environment nice and clean.
30/04/2024: Very good sushi and other dishes, but sometimes the service is too long. Don't smile too much, but are nice. I have eaten at this restaurant several times and have never had any food problems, so I recommend it.


Rakki sushi

Santa margherita ligure
12/05/2024: Very good dishes, balanced spiciness (excellent spicy soup and prawns in spicy sauce). Excellent sushi and sashimi
09/05/2024: Very tasty food, reasonable prices



06/03/2024: Everything is beautiful and perfect, the service is too fast and with the dishes to be eaten hot it becomes a competition between burning your tongue or eating something cold. For the rest, top both in terms of environment and prices😍 I highly recommend
24/02/2024: The venue is spread over 2 underground floors from which you can access via stairs or lift, Clean and intimate environment, different from the usual all you can eat, perfect for dinners for couples. The food is excellent with different dishes that mix Brazilian and Japanese cuisine, the service is never stressful. All accompanied by an excellent choice of cocktails, all excellent.



12/05/2024: The most terrible establishment I have ever been to! The only positive thing is the pizza, it’s really tasty, but the seafood pasta was terrible! I came across a rotten mussel and a lot of small pieces of shells! And they wanted to deceive us! They put in the check what we didn’t order and one more item! Therefore, be careful about WHAT you pay! I'll never come here again!
27/04/2024: The lunch set menu is only €12 with a three course meal, very tasty and A LOT for the price. And lovely staff.


La Spiaggia

04/01/2024: Very nice place with a seaside promenade and a clean sandy beach. Good starting point for hikes!
23/09/2023: Excellent cuisine and very friendly welcome

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