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19a Buca

12/07/2024: The pizza they serve is Neapolitan style, though the crust isn't exactly up to standard. However, the overall quality—how crunchy and soft it was at the same time—was great and delicious. The service was amazing. Besides all of that, the place itself is located underground, in a kind of cave, and going downstairs felt like entering another utopia. Seeing such a beautiful place and being able to eat there was an extraordinary experience. Thanks to the employees, who were really kind.
11/07/2024: A wonderful lunch right in the center of Matera. Dug into the rock, with one of the five large wells which collected rainwater, a place to discover, to have lunch in naturally fresh air. An exceptional, friendly, spacious welcome, homemade pizza and tiramisu. Very good value for money. We will return there at the first opportunity. THANKS


Espresso s.n.c. di Perniola Daniele e Fabio

28/06/2024: Friendly and approachable staff
16/06/2024: The place is nice but the service is very inattentive. Since they didn't come to take the order I had to get up and go to the counter so they could write down what we wanted. When the drink arrived they forgot a glass so I got up again to ask for it at the counter and they told me to get it myself at the counter next door. The chips are plentiful and they bring sachets of ketchup and mayonnaise without asking for them but they are cooked in used oil. Otherwise I found the pizza very good. Honest prices.


Eden Park






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