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10/06/2024: For me it is the best pizza you can eat in Teramo and the surrounding area. It even puts many Neapolitan pizzerias in your pocket. Try the hoax to believe it.
31/05/2024: Classic pizzeria, very kind staff, very good pizza with traditional dough, clean place


Fun-k Beach Music Cafè

28/04/2024: Excellent lunch, beautiful spring day, super company!👍👍



20/03/2024: Pizza with friends to celebrate a birthday, everything was excellent from the service to the pizzas.
16/03/2024: The pizza is no longer what it used to be, mediocre desserts and second courses never mind, waiters who seem to do you a favor.


Open Spice Cafe

24/05/2024: Always friendly and helpful, excellent quality products, a showcase of dream brioches, and gluten free products that are difficult to find. At lunch you can enjoy excellent dishes from an enviable menu, and then the aperitif, remarkable, from the simplest to the most elaborate. But even a simple coffee becomes a very pleasant moment. Advised.
08/05/2024: We go there often and since we discovered the Gins (which are delicious) we always return with great pleasure. Really friendly and knowledgeable staff.


Siamo Fritti

01/06/2024: Perfect atmosphere and place, exceptional cuisine, especially the meatballs... A classic in Cosenza. Keep it up guys
30/05/2024: Excellent small but cozy restaurant.


Café Thai

21/03/2024: Unfortunately, my experience at Thai Cafe in Como was extremely disappointing. Although the food was acceptable, the service was extremely poor and unfriendly. The person in charge of the room seemed constantly annoyed and unhelpful, which contributed to making the atmosphere even more unpleasant. The main issue was the mysterious disappearance of my wallet inside the venue, with the staff showing little interest in offering assistance. This episode is unacceptable and has significantly undermined my confidence in the restaurant. During my stay, I also witnessed highly questionable behavior: the room manager filled glass bottles with water from small half-liter bottles, then closed them and presumably sold them to customers. The bottles that were served to us were open and without corks, raising strong doubts about the transparency and ethics of the place. Prices are high for the amount of food served and the experience mentioned above. However, they are clearly displayed both on the menu and online. I would also like to specify that I have already initiated the relevant reports and complaints regarding the incident. I sincerely hope that Thai Cafe Como takes corrective action as soon as possible, in order to ensure a safe and ethical environment for all future customers. The restaurant also has my contact details in case my wallet reappears with them or for other explanations where necessary.
14/03/2024: Quiet, relaxing atmosphere and very good dishes. Attentive service. Advised!


Happy Sushi Wok

06/04/2024: Let's be careful, there is a lot of risk with this food. Unfortunately in some cities where some things are still new, or simply because they seem to cost little, these restaurants are playing on people's health. I just returned from the bathroom where I put back what little I ate, scared about continuing the day given the situation. Check in detail before eating: the tempered prawns at the buffet still have crustacean feces. The sushi from the menu has a strong smell, the rice is dry and smelly. I go out with my head down and be careful so as not to hurt two parents who sacrificed me lunch.
03/04/2024: Not good at all! I don't recommend it and it's not all fresh... Not bad fruit salad... The owner of this restaurant doesn't care about his customers' comments 🤣 And expensive for what it is!


Royal orchid

22/05/2024: Very friendly staff, the boss also speaks German and tries very hard to make the guest happy, the cook also asked whether everything was as desired. If you like spicy food, you can test your limits here if you wish 🌶️🌶️🌶️ Starter, main course and dessert are very good, delicious regional wines from small businesses in the immediate vicinity are also offered. Good apricot schnapps from Piedmont. A lovely evening for two, we'd love to come and try it here again!
21/03/2024: We had a wonderful dinner overlooking beautiful aquariums. Owner together with the maitre d' I believe, wonderful and super professional people. Chosen by chance on my birthday and we were all satisfied. In my opinion it deserves a lot more people even if it is small. The food was delicious and plentiful, we came out rolling.



18/03/2024: Clean bar with plenty of choices. Friendly and smiling staff. A pleasure to have breakfast in this bar. The zabaglione was also very good
15/03/2024: Professional and very courteous staff.


Hai Bin

22/05/2024: The food is extravagant and the service very gentlemanly. The environment is a little ugly but beautiful.
14/05/2024: Terrible kitchen. I think even if you try to cook it poorly, it will turn out better than theirs. Everything is tasteless.


The Orange Tree

06/03/2024: From the moment we walked in the door we felt so welcome and comfortable. The hosts were extremely attentive and informative of both the dishes and the wine selection upon asking. We have eaten a lot of Thai food around the world and found that there was a usual greasiness to the food that we had come to expect, however the ingredients were bursting with freshness and my wife and I can honestly say This was the best Thai cuisine we have ever eaten. Our only disappointment is that we found This wonderful restaurant on our last evening in sorrento! 110% worth the visit!
15/11/2023: Siamo stati presso questo fantastico ristorante stasera. Ottima esperienza. Il personale e la titolare ci hanno accolti in maniera impeccabile. Cibo squisito. Consigliatissimo!


Laem Sing

San giovanni in marignano
28/04/2024: This restaurant was previously located in the heart of San Giovanni in Marignano, but about five months ago it moved to the port of Cattolica. Excellent Thai! Exquisite food, works a double shift on Saturdays. Service a little slow due to limited staff but the wait is worth it. Special spring rolls and pad thai
26/04/2024: Tai restaurant at Catholic port. Convenient parking is located next to the restaurant (ex Faro). I know the same Thai cook from the old restaurant in San Giovanni so excellent quality and very generous dishes. Beautiful and spacious environment with excellent view. Reservations are recommended. Normal prices depend on what you choose. For example, my favorite dish is soya spaghetti, €12.


Ristorante Amico

16/03/2024: I have been coming here for a long time. The food has always been great as has the service. The place is very particular and welcoming. I recommend it for anyone who wants to eat good sushi or good Chinese cuisine.
19/02/2024: excellent fresh and light quality food close to home very low prices all you can eat formula definitely worth trying good guys fast and excellent service


Trattoria da Vira

05/05/2024: Excellent food, impeccable service and very attentive and helpful staff. Also recommended for families, I was here with my daughter and my niece and I had a great time, I'm sure I'll be back.
28/04/2024: Congratulations to the chef we will be back soon ❤️



02/04/2024: In short, let's say an absolute no go experience: serving a coke totally without gas (blaming it on the ice) which we immediately pointed out to the waitress and gave back only to find it on the bill and pay for it!!
01/04/2024: Beautiful restaurant, the food is all very tasty and really nicely presented. The waiters are all nice and special requests are also taken into account. Really very nice restaurant!!

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