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I migliori ristoranti di cucina tailandese in Lazio

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Ristorante TASTE EAST

24/05/2024: I love this place, I have been going there for several years and have happily recommended it to many people. Incredible courtesy, polite and kind staff, amazing food. It feels safe ❤️
21/05/2024: Seriousness and professionalism courtesy.


Thai Restaurant

12/05/2024: If you want to eat fish on Elba, you should go here. The boss also fishes on the beach and the probability of getting a freshly caught fish is very high. The kitchen understands the craft and the food is a real pleasure. Really highly recommended.
12/05/2024: Exceptional! Courtesy at the highest level, excellent cuisine, wonderful location, impeccable prices. Truly a place of the heart!


Ristorante Amico

16/03/2024: I have been coming here for a long time. The food has always been great as has the service. The place is very particular and welcoming. I recommend it for anyone who wants to eat good sushi or good Chinese cuisine.
19/02/2024: excellent fresh and light quality food close to home very low prices all you can eat formula definitely worth trying good guys fast and excellent service



06/04/2024: All good, we were the only Italians in the restaurant. I really appreciated this 😁
09/03/2024: One of the worst experience I had in a restaurant. I was looking for a korean restuarant because I wanted to have korean BBQ chicken. I went inside the place and I asked the waiter for a table. The whole time I felt very uncomfortable and not welcomed and he was looking at me like I was bothering him. I waited for him to bring menu for 15- 20 minutes even if the place was almost empty. But he never brought any menu, I had to look on google for choosing. Then I called the waiter and I asked for the chicken, and he refused to serve me the food, saying to choose only from secondi piatti and he left. There was a language barrier and I could not communicate with him, so I asked a group of girls sitting at the other table to help me. I explained that I didn't speak italian and I didn't understand why he wouldn't serve me. Situation started to get more bizarre because also the waiter didn't speak italian fluently so one of the girls who was italian and understood english was communicating with me about what's the problem, then she translated what I said in italian to her friend that was chinese and the chinese girl translated to the waiter. After that she told me that the waiter doesn't want to serve me because I would not be able to finish it. I really wanted chicken so I said that I would eat it all the chicken they are going to prepare. The waiter took my word seriously so he brought me two portion of chicken but each plate was for 3-4 people and I was alone. I tried to finish as much as I could, the waiter was watching me the whole time and I couldn't finish it. So I asked if he could pack it for me and he threw the box on the table so I had to pack it myself. The food was not bad but I paid 30 euros for something I didn't ask for and for the language barrier I had to pay it to not have problems. Another thing was that in every Korean restaurant you get the side dishes of rice, kimchi etc. but I didn't get anything, not even one drink so I had to pay so much for food that was not the best.






La Cavozza




Poggio moiano


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