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I migliori ristoranti di cucina cucina romana in Milano

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Trattoria Pizzeria la Lupa

06/04/2024: Characteristic place, excellent dishes, very kind staff. We will definitely return
29/03/2024: Very, very, very generous portions. Trattoria food, welcoming treatment like at home. A few dishes were missing, but the great classics are there. The waiter is very kind and attentive.


Osteria Angelino dal 1899

30/03/2024: The dishes is really good and the service too
29/03/2024: You deserve failure. Inept. Presumptuous. Incompetent. You ask us to order the same pasta shape to reduce the time. We do it and after an hour you can't bring 6 first courses. Don't apologize. You don't even try to make up for it by offering a glass of wine, an appetizer, anything. You blame the kitchen staff stating you couldn't have known anything. But why don't you talk first? Why don't you communicate with customers? Why do you think you can fool them? You have to close. Thanks for the discount, appreciated but I would have expected the free lunch. You would have saved yourself at least the negative review.


Cacio e Pepe

05/04/2024: Amazing Roman food! The artichokes are the best I have ever tasted- I’m still dreaming about them- pasta and lamb are available options and was our choices- we were so impressed! And will return soon
04/04/2024: Very good Roman cuisine! Very stylish restaurant! We were thrilled! Very, very good food, good wines and very friendly service. We felt completely comfortable. You feel very good here as a guest. The nice thing is that a lot of locals eat here and it's not a tourist restaurant.


Ristorante Rugantino

06/04/2024: We had dinner for two, we had a carbonara (delicious) and a pinsa (good, average). The prices are understandable compared to the location of the restaurant as it is centrally located with respect to the columns of San Lorenzo. Friendly staff only flaw -> not very familiar with English. I had to translate to the waiter what my partner who doesn't speak Italian but only English wanted. Vintage and refined environment. Recommended but if you have a budget of at least €30/40 each.
04/04/2024: Excellent typical dishes of Roman cuisine, served in an original way in a beautiful location


Volemose Bene

28/03/2024: We had a great lunch here. The carbonara was delicious. We went there on a sunday at lunchtime so the place was crowded but the staff was kind and fast and the place is pet friendly.
28/03/2024: I booked two weeks in advance for a birthday, in addition to the fact that the space was minimal, after eating we ask to have the cake at 00:00 for the birthday (as agreed on the phone) and it is first delivered to us at 11.55pm, rushing us to leave because the waiters wanted to go home. Once we got to the cash register, we asked for an explanation for what happened, but the waiter (if you can call it that because from the answers we received it seemed like he didn't work there) very rudely couldn't give me an answer and decided to resolve the issue giving me a bottle of cheap wine and telling me that since I hadn't spoken to him on the phone, it wasn't possible to wait for the cake to arrive at midnight because they had to close early. I will never go back there again.


Giulio Pane e Ojo

06/04/2024: Very good, enough quantity. Roman food at a good price. Charming place.
06/04/2024: There were 3 of us and we had the courgette flowers and chicory as a starter, both good. As first courses, gricia and pajata, perfectly cooked pasta and generous portion. Saltimbocca, the meat is tender but nothing special honestly. The desserts are very good (pistachio and millefeuille cake), super table service


Nonna Maria Osteria

23/12/2023: Buono, ma non più molto buono, forse c’è stato un mezzo cambio di gestione, forse i costi da contenere, fatto sta che la quantità e’ diminuita, la qualità non è proprio la stessa, la pasta non è amalgamata con il cacio, la torta non pare fatta in casa, insomma è un buon mangiare, ma non il molto buon mangiare di una volta.
19/12/2023: Buona cucina senza troppa pretesa. Piatti buoni senza picchi di stupore. Cucina semplice romana dalle porzioni Milanesi. Servizio fin trollo informale. I tre camerieri, molto giovani e inesperti sono stati molto insistenti e stressanti. Passavano più volte a turno a verificare e a chiedere se potevano portare via i piatti. Consiglio, formare i ragazzi affinché il cliente non venga stressato… uscire a cena dovrebbe essere rilassante e senza fretta. Prezzi un pelo troppo alti rispetto a quello che offre il ristorante.



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